Inspiring and Motivating Lifelong Learners

Boarding School Program

Midwest Academy is a private boarding school troubled teen program designed to help struggling teens. It is a self contained facility with dormitories, gymnasium, seminar room, library, cafeteria, classrooms, and recreational space.  Our troubled teen private boarding school is designed to offer teen help and provide an avenue for boys and girls to reach their full potential and get away from the troubled teen label that so many have placed on them.

Midwest Academy offers a highly structured environment where your struggling teen can progress both academically and personally, developing proper motivation and self-direction. Student learn skills necessary to be successful before returning to their home environment

Midwest Boarding School uses a self-paced curriculum with a high level of teacher and classroom support that creates an atmosphere for accelerated learning away from the many distractions of the typical high school setting.

Class, meals, activities, and dorm rooms remain completely separate to provide an environment where your teen can focus on themselves personally and academically. Coed activities and workshops are offered to troubled teens under high supervision.

Midwest Academy also provides a series of high impact educational seminars and workshops specifically designed to teach character building.

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